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Why Tongue Twisters

Personalized Training

We tailor every accent modification program to your individual language history, starting with a detailed analysis of your speech habits.

Private Lessons

Enjoy accent lessons with a supportive, encouraging instructor.

Virtual Classes

Convenient video meetings allow you to learn from work or from home.

Focused on Pronunciation

Our courses are a perfect next-step after ESL training. We help you learn to speak English with clarity and confidence.

Designed by a Linguist

Every lesson was created using proven linguistic methods. Students are taught to analyze the physical actions required for each sound.

Proven Results

With dedicated practice, you can expect at least a 50% improvement in your English accent.

Are strong accents affecting your customer service or corporate culture?

Improve Communication For Your Business

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Designed With You in Mind

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Meet with a knowledgeable instructor to discuss your goals, schedule, language history, and questions. We record you reading a short paragraph.

Program Design

An analysis of your recording is performed. We determine key areas of focus, and your personalized accent training program is created.

Private Lessons

Programs vary from 5-8 one-hour lessons, and involve practicing sounds, word drills and reading aloud. Homework is assigned after each lesson to encourage practice.

Lasting Results

With regular practice, new habits will begin to form, and you’ll enjoy greater confidence when speaking with friends, colleagues or in public.

Friendly, Knowledgeable, Passionate

Our Founder


Deanna Berry

Founder & President

Deanna Berry received her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from the University of Calgary. She developed the Tongue Twisters program in 2007 and has worked with students from over 26 linguistic backgrounds. She is a caring, passionate teacher, dedicated to each and every student she helps.

Easy, Effective, Affordable

Pricing Tables



Per Lesson

  • Free Consultation
  • $50 Initial Fee for Course Design
  • Personalized workbook and practice files included
  • Discounts available for couples and families
  • Cash, Cheque or E-transfer Accepted
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Per Lesson Per Student

  • Free Consultation
  • 3 Student Minimum
  • $50 Initial Fee for Course Design (per student)
  • Personalized workbook and practice files included
  • Cash, Cheque or E-transfer Accepted
  • Individual Presentation Coaching Available
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